About me
Name: Pieter de Villiers
Occupation: Futurist, Consultant, Philosopher, Problem Solver

Hobbies: Golfing, Guitar, Scuba Diving, Writing
 Face the Future
 Call Centre Effectiveness
 Future Business: the game has changed.
 Shadowmatch: the full story 

Business Solutions: 
some observations ...
Be positive and enthusiastic about your future.

Embrace the post-modern people of our time.

Build a successful business by embracing the future realities of our world.
my favorite sayings
No baggage.
Get off a dead horse.
Have a plan ‘B’.
Be on the move.
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I am a business consultant working on specific areas in business and society. These are all related to my interest in the future of our world and the future of business. I consult with the aim to help people and companies understand that whatever we do we need to live with a positive future in mind. We need to always build a future world, a future business, understand our future in terms of changes we want to make, the customers we serve, the children we have and teach.

Living without a positive future is living without anything positive to do today. Running a business without a strong future built into our actions is like running into a dark house trying to find something you don’t see.

I am of opinion that people lose their sanity when they lose their perspective on a positive enthusiastic future for themselves and their loved ones. Companies fail the day they stagnate in the present or even the past. Teachers cannot do their work if they don’t change their ways to accommodate the future child. The church will become a peripheral phenomenon if church leaders do not embrace the post modern people of our time. This is the work I am passionate about. Helping people and business leaders to develop their understanding of our future world. To build a successful future business and most importantly to embrace the future realities of our world rather than fight with it.

Face the future ...