Customer service has become a critical competitive factor; the need to improve responsiveness and deliver high quality service is now more important than ever before. To address this need, call centres have become the most popular service delivery option for organisations where high volumes and frequency of customer contact are required. Call centres are all about meeting and exceeding ever changing and usually more demanding customer expectations.

However, to manage a call centre effectively is a science. Productivity and performance are determined by the call centre's success at hiring and managing human resources to handle the calls, managing and controlling random call arriving patterns and provide the required service.

This book has been written to cover the complicated areas of call centre design, development, staffing, customer service, management and technology. This book will prove to be a very valuable resource because special attention is given to the unique needs and challenging environment of call centres.

Every manager, supervisor or call agent should read this book if they want to get to the top or stay ahead in the provision of excellent customer service!

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