The game has changed in business and it has brought with it new rules as well as a new playing field. Too few companies truly deserve to be in business and many walk the thin line of collapse by being slow, ineffective, mired in internal power-struggles and political games at the expense of the customer and proper service. This book takes the readers’ mind on a journey so that together we can see that it will be impossible to stay in business and survive the next two decades unless we understand future sophisticated companies: their game, their rules and how they play business.

Old minded companies will find it very difficult to compete against these sophisticated future competitors. As old minded companies lose their old customer base due to age, economic inactivity, changing expectations and other reasons, they will find it increasingly difficult to attract and acquire new customers because of their different ‘expectations’ – unless – of course these

companies manage to aggressively re-invent their practices.

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the game has changed

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