In a world with many demands, expectations and variety it is a challenge for people to find balance and harmony between being successful, happy and comfortable with the world and the people around them. When people successfully integrate these realities they experience a level of fulfillment and self value that contributes to the development of a stable society of harmony, success and respect. When people lose their sense of self value, fulfillment and harmony with the world and the people around them, they tend to become destructive and stressed with the

inevitable result of becoming a source of negative energy to themselves as well as the space they share with others. In order to find meaning, it is imperative to maximize the level of harmony and balance between the individual and the place where they have to work and live.

This is a challenge as life doesn’t necessarily bring people to places where they can find balance and harmony with their environment. The absence of this harmony between people and their environment creates all kinds of failure, unhappiness, conflict and stress. People find it very difficult to succeed when they can’t live freely in harmony with their environment.

The fact that the majority of people have to work in order to make a living leads to a situation whereby many are extremely unhappy with the work they do, those they work with as well as the place where the work is done. This holds negative implications for the individual, the workplace as well as the success of others working with the unhappy person in the workplace.

Shadowmatch has been built to prevent this by matching individuals to the best place where they can work with relative high levels of harmony and balance. It can also be used to find those individuals best fit to work successfully in a specific environment doing a specific job. Shadowmatch also provides development

programmes for those who need to learn specific habits in order to enhance their success. This is done by comparing the habits of the individual to the shared

habits of the successful people working at a specific address engaged in a specific task or fulfilling a specific role. The purpose of this publication is to provide the reader with a theoretical framework as well as some practical application detail on the history and development of Shadowmatch.

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  1. • What Motivates Behaviour?

  2. • Understanding Habits

  3. • Habits Identified

  4. • Attitude

  5. • Forming, Reforming and
         Changing Habits

  6. • The Shadowmatch System:
         An Overview

  7. • The Spirit of Shadowmatch